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Old Man Gloom – NO

Nota de “prensa” en Hydrahead:

This is Old Man Gloom‘s fifth album, their first in eight years. They weren’t on hiatus, just busy writing the greatest album in music history. That makes them the proud progenitors of the five greatest albums of all time, NO being number one. NO is like “one”, only spelled backwards and without the “E”.

Un regreso necesario. Porque Old Man Gloom no es sólo un supergrupo. Es una muestra de lo que se puede hacer en una formación clásica de rock fuera de los márgenes clásicos del género. Y en estos tiempos postmodernos donde toda variación musical parece tallada en roca, donde hasta en géneros supuestamente subversivos como el post-metal y el post-rock existen clichés y lugares comunes, hacían más falta que nunca.

Una perfecta descripción de lo que es este disco respecto a los anteriores, en Lambgoat:

It’s the most cohesive recording since the sweeping half-hour epic of Seminar III: Zozobra, showcasing a much more refined usage of noise and ambient textures. Whereas past OMG records felt like a chaotic smorgasbord, shifting wildly from coarse hardcore anthems into long stretches of sparse, digital meanderings, NO follows a more calculated approach. The synth layers of “Rats” effortlessly bleed into a Newton-led fist-pumping fest, turning a four-minute track that would have felt at home on a new Doomriders release into a more organic, eight-minute long lesson in dynamics.

las recientes declaraciones de Aaron Turner al respecto del fin de Isis y su vuelta a las colaboraciones musicales, revelan mucho de lo sucedido en los últimos años y dan esperanzas a una mayor presencia de OMG y otros grupos en su órbita:

Part of the reason why I no longer wanted to participate in ISIS was because over time the “new” and the “experimental” dwindled within the framework of what we were doing, while the “rock” and the “polished” became more and more defining/confining. I lost my way in my personal life over the course of my mid-late twenties, and that wayward wandering coincided with the narrowing scope of what ISIS was making.

I made a decision (the wrong one), to chose a personal relationship over having multiple musical projects, and because ISIS was at the time the most developed of these projects, I chose to focus on that one to the exclusion of all others. Now that I’ve changed some of the more destructive elements of my personal life, and ISIS is no longer operational I am now free to do all the other things I missed out on doing during my “dark years”.

In some respects being involved in Mamiffer allows me to pick up the threads I dropped years ago in the stuff I was doing in House of Low Culture, Lotus Eaters, Old Man Gloom, and so on.”

* Aquí he encontrado una entrevista a Aaron Turner, repasando la discografía de Isis y hablando de sus futuros proyectos (que en ese momento parece ser no incluía Old Man Gloom):

Y ya puestos este vídeo de Aaron Turner entrevistado por Ford Models (sí, es una puta agencia de modelos), no tiene precio: